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The perfect excuse to make some noise!! With perfect technique and quality of tone, of course!


Energetic, exciting and dynamic. You will leave our Jazz classes buzzing and wanting more.


We welcome you into the wonderful world of Ballet. Enchanting, delicate and elegant. And a pretty good workout too.


Bring out your creativity with this expressive art form. Warning: Be prepared to make friends with the floor!

Hip Hop

Come get your groove on! Whether you’re feeling Gangster or Girlie we’ve got the moves for you.


Mindfulness for the body with a sprinkling of ‘feel the burn’!

Zumba Fitness ®

Shimmy and shake your way into shape! You will have so much fun you won't realise you are burning calories, toning muscles and sculpting your body.

jazz class

Dancers taking a leap in Jazz class

tap class

All smiles in Tap class